September 3, 2008

On the road again for Zen and Now

I had lunch today with Zen and Now's Toronto publisher to wish me well on next week's book tour, which seems as good a moment to start this blog as any. I'm looking forward to the ride west on my comfortable Harley Low Rider. It'll be the longest trip I've made since riding to California in 2004.

There've been a number of interviews already and a buzz seems to be growing around my book. Each interview seems to find a different focus, or take a different tack. I'll be posting any stories that are published on the "reviews" page of this web site, so you can keep track of them with me.

The latest review filtered through to me today, from Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times. I read her regularly, as well as her colleague Dan Neil, and her writing is as good as it gets. You can read her review here. It's interesting that she wanted to know more about my personal life, since throughout the writing of Zen and Now, people who read it told me that they didn't care about me, they just wanted to know about Robert Pirsig. And now that the book's complete, many people want to know more about its author. Perhaps this blog will help shed some light, if anyone cares to know. Not too much though. We've all got to have some secrets.

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